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The Berkeley Food Pantry would like to thank the following organizations for their generosity:

  • Solano Business Association’s In-Kind Donation:  Over the holidays, the Solano Business Association provided pantry visitors with donated reusable bags so that visitors could take home the extra holiday-themed food along with their regular groceries. Thank you, Solano Business Association, for your generosity.

  • Safeway’s 2018 Holiday Feed the Need:  Safeway has continued to be a strong supporter of the Berkeley Food Pantry through its annual Feed the Need Food Drives. During the 2018 Feed the Need Holiday Food Drive, 717 hunger bags were purchased for pantry visitors at the Safeway Community Markets at 1550 Shattuck Avenue and at 1850 Solano Avenue. The hunger bags contain important kitchen staples such as cereal, oatmeal, and shelf-stable vegetables. Thank you, Safeway, and everyone who participated in this annual event.

  • 2018 Holiday Food Drives: We would also like to thank the following businesses and organizations for holding food drives for the Berkeley Food Pantry:

    • City of Berkeley’s Recreation Division

    • SG Real Estate

    • Realtex, Inc.

    • Magoosh

Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project

In 2018, the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project (BNFP) provided 16,100 pounds of food. This is the largest donation of food from BNFP in the past three years. 


Since August of 2012, the BNFP has provided more than 96,800 pounds of food to the pantry’s visitors.


The BNFP is a coalition of Berkeley neighbors and faith-based groups who purchase grocery bags full of popular food items such as peanut butter, rice, cereal, and cooking oil and donate them to Berkeley Food Pantry visitors.


Through this important partnership, the BNFP has been able to keep the Berkeley Food Pantry’s shelves fully stocked year-round. Please consider joining the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project to help fight food insecurity in Berkeley and Albany.

Grocery rescue helps feed people and saves the planet!

Food waste is a global problem that can only be solved at the local level. Rescuing food from the waste stream has big impacts for eliminating hunger and decreasing greenhouse gases.


We humans waste one in every three food calories produced. The number of calories we lose to waste is enough to feed three billion people (that is 10 times the population of the United States!)


Furthermore, redirecting good food from the waste stream decreases greenhouse gases and saves precious resources. The World Wildlife Fund estimates that food waste accounts for 8% of global greenhouse gas. 21% of fresh water is used to produce good food that ends up in the waste stream. Food waste accounts for 21% of landfills.

The Berkeley Food Pantry partners with the Alameda County Community Food Bank, Feeding America, Food Donation Connect, and the Daily Bread to keep food out of the waste stream and redirect it to food-insecure people.


Last year, the Alameda County Community Food Bank’s Food Recovery Program saved over 4 million pounds of food and provided those in need in Alameda County with three-and-a half million meals.


Since the Berkeley Food Pantry began participating in the Food Recovery Program, we have increased the diversity of fresh vegetables and fruits to visitors and eliminated food shortages. We are proud to be partnered with the following Berkeley, Albany, and Oakland stores in food rescue operations: Berkeley Natural Grocery, Franklin Brothers Market, Thistle, Hodo Soy, Target and Whole Foods at Gilman.

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San Francisco Foundation’s
Support of the Berkeley Food Pantry:

In 2018, the Berkeley Food Pantry was awarded a grant from the San Francisco Foundation to provide culturally appropriate foods and kitchen stables to our food insecure visitors.


The San Francisco Foundation has been working hard to create avenues of share prosperity and equity in the region.



















A joint UC Berkeley and California Housing Partnership study funded by the San Francisco Foundation discovered that compared to white households, low-income minority households are at greater risk of displacement from resource rich cities such as Berkeley and Albany in the SF Bay Area Region’s inner core to low-resource outlying cities.


Once displaced, many households take on a higher burden of housing costs. The Berkeley Food Pantry helps prevent low-income minority households from becoming displaced from our community because we provide them with the opportunity of using the money that they would have spent on groceries on other important bills such as rent, utilities, and medical bills. The Berkeley Food Pantry is proud to partner with the San Francisco Foundation’s Faith Program to create bridges and share prosperity and equity in our region.

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