Bringing healthier food to the pantry brings the gift of health to our visitors.



For those among us who are food insecure, the cheapest calories are often the least nutritious. This often leads to diet-related diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. In order to help our clients improve their health, we are committed to offering them the most nutritious, best tasting food we can. Visitors have told us that they have been able to lose weight and improve their health because of the good food they are able to select at the Berkeley Food Pantry.


We stock our shelves with such things as dried legumes and low-sodium canned legumes, fish and soups, whole grain pastas and breads, oatmeal, and low-sugar breakfast cereals; our freezer with frozen chicken, fish and beef; our refrigerator with fresh dairy; and our produce table with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Visitors are able to select the foods that work best for their families.


We have begun a campaign to encourage healthier food donations to the pantry. We work with the Berkeley Neighborhood Food Project, who donate about 2,000 pounds of food to us every two months, to bring us more of the healthy foods that are expensive for us to buy. We encourage groups who organize food drives for us to use our most desired food list. Working together as a community, we can all give the hungry in Berkeley and Albany the gift of health.

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More Fresh Food at the Pantry

The Berkeley Food Pantry is now offering more fresh food than ever. 


Thanks to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, Berkeley Natural Grocery, Albany Target, Daily Bread, Urban Adamah, and neighborhood gleaners, we receive fresh produce, fresh dairy, and frozen meat at the pantry three days a week. Being able to choose from such a bountiful array of fresh foods helps our neighbors in need to provide healthy and delicious food for their families.


Our pantry guests are grateful for this fresh food and we're always looking for ways to increase the amount we can offer them. Here's how you can help:


  • Your donation of funds will help us to locate, pick up, and deliver even more of this bounty to the pantry.

  • We welcome donations of seasonal produce from our neighbors' fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

  • Do you have a contact at a local grocery store or one of the local farmer's markets? Let us know and we'll take it from there.


To arrange a pickup or share a contact, email our pantry manager:

​​Call us:

(510) 525-2280

Find us: 

1600 Sacramento Street
Berkeley, CA 94702




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